IR35 Audit

Many contractors are engaged on discrete projects that, with the right contracts and advice, can legitimately operate outside IR35. We can advise on contract & IR35 issues for all our clients and help them to confirm their self-employed status. We offer:

  • Advice as to whether your contract can be structured outside IR35
  • Advice on new contract terms and contract revision, including IR35 angles
  • IR35 advice on (already signed) contract – fully detailed and reasoned written analysis and and opinion
  • Confirmation of Arrangements. The IR35 position of the income from a contract depends on the overall picture created by the reality, viewed against the background of the obligations and responsibilities laid down by the contract, and with that in turn viewed against the overall background of the business carried on by the Contractor.
  • Redrafting of contracts
  • Application for H M Revenue & Customs opinion
  • Dealing with response to opinion from HMRC
  • Negotiations with clients, agencies and HMRC


Despite the uncertainties of IR35, peace of mind is now possible with Survive35. In conjunction with Abbey Tax Protection Limited, a Lloyd’s Underwriting Agency specialising in tax insurance, we can now offer the Survive35 insurance protection to registered clients. All Contract Status Reviews that have been confirmed as being outside IR35 are eligible for the Survive35 insurance.

  • Up to £50,000 cover is available to reimburse any additional tax, interest and penalty liabilities that may arise following the imposition of IR35 regulations on income from contracts that have been subject to a Status Review by ITAccounting and passed as being outside IR35.
  • The cover is for all contracts that have been successfully subjected to a Status Review by us within the company accounting period that you designate on your application form.
  • In order to ensure that the best resources are available to dispute any HMRC claims, Survive 35 must be taken out in conjunction with an Abbey Tax Professional Expenses Insurance policy.

What does it Cost?

The premium is calculated based on the total income from all contracts that have been successfully subjected to a Status Review by us during the designated company accounting period. If the value of the approved contracts exceeds the amount declared on the application form then Abbey Tax must be notified immediately.    

Who’s Covered

The Company and the named Directors and Shareholders

What are the Requirements

We are only offering the Conract Status Review and Survive35 insurance to our registered clients. Relevant contracts must first have been subject to a Status Review and approved as outside IR35 by us. Any material change in activities during the term of the Insured Contracts must be notified to us immediately. A material change in activities may mean a further Status Review is required. Abbey Tax Professional Expense Insurance cover must be in force at the the time the HMRC give Notice of their intention to Enquire into the Insured Contract. All HMRC communication relating to an Insured Contract must be notified to us immediately it is received. You must co-operate fullly with us and Abbey Tax during an HMRC enquiry.

What’s not Included

  • The first £300 of each claim
  • Liabilities arising due to excessive expense claims
  • Liabilities arising that are not directly related to the Insured Contract
  • Liabilities resulting from arithmetical errors in the submission of original Self Assessment Returns
  • A claim that arises following the late submission of a P35 Return
  • Losses that are agreed prior to the written acceptance of the claim

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