It and other contractors

To see a demonstration of our Client Home Pages you can login here as ‘sampleclient’ password ‘demo’. Specialising in providing a first class service for professional contractor. We know that your time is valuable. We aim to:

  • Release you from daily administrative chores
  • Ensure statutory compliance for your company
  • Minimise your tax bills
  • Whether you are new to contracting or have been in the business for some time you certainly don’t want to waste your time on administrative chores that do not make you money. Running your business as a limited company places a burden on you to comply with statutory regulations and taxation requirements. Seasoned contractors may have found it difficult to find an accounting service that will lift the burdens but still provide you with the information you need with little effort from you. We understand that you want to concentrate on the business of contracting and making your company profitable. Our aim is to provide you with a service that gives you all the information your require but taking a minimum amount of your time. We offer a full accountancy service for professional contractors including fully interactive internet accounting. We will prepare your accounts, payroll, VAT and other company returns and look after your tax affairs. We are pro-active. We will review your position on a monthly and quarterly basis and advise you of actions that can be taken to minimise your tax liabilities. If your contract is, or may be, caught by IR35 we will advise you how much tax and national insurance you should provide for, and how much that tax and national insurance can be minimised by increasing your pension contributions. Working with our retained IR35 legal specialist, we will help you to determine if the type of work you undertake is capable of being structured to fall outside the scope of IR35 and, if it is, ensure that your contract is IR35 friendly. You choose how much you want us to do for you and then leave it to us (more or less!). You can choose between entering your information on-line, or simply bundling up your invoices/receipts, etc, and sending them to us. In short, we will undertake all the boring, time-consuming and non-profit making chores and leave you to concentrate on making money (or spending it!).

    For more information email or call Shama Meghjee-Caine on 020 8867 5073